Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection Software for 2011 – A Welcome Change to Collection

February 8, 2011

Not only is debt software making it easier and less expensive for collection agencies to do their jobs, it is also making it much more convenient for debtors hoping to solve their debt problems with as little notice as possible. Accounts Receivable software has hit the mark with an anonymous method for debtors to settle online.

Many debtors are hounded by collection calls, and they learn how to identify these types of calls, and subsequently dodge them. In this case, particularly in older debts, collection agencies have been able to employ a new strategy that seems to be working very well. Using advancements in Accounts Receivable software, collection agencies are able to send either an email, or a letter to debtors suggesting a payment plan and the anonymity of using a website and a unique password to enter payments without embarrassing calls with debt collectors.

Debtors have reacted very favorably to this new method of making payments and subsequently removing their bad debt status. They seem to find it less embarrassing, and are more likely to pay their debts. In addition, online payments are much more convenient because payments can be accepted at any hour.

Perhaps due to the recent downturn in the economy, which left many consumers in debt, it seems less embarrassing to file for bankruptcy, and in order to reclaim their credit, consumers are beginning to pay off credit card debt much faster than mortgage debt. The reasons for this may be that consumers would rather satisfy their debts to keep their credit scores up than pay money on a mortgage that is worth more than their home.

With the proper methodology and advanced Accounts Receivable software that allows for many types of communication with debtors, debt collection agencies are more likely to satisfy debt quicker and more efficiently. Many credit card applications now request telephone number, address, and email so that debtors can be more easily contacted. Studies have indicated that consumers actually prefer these anonymous contact methods better than speaking with a call center agent.

Not only does the client benefit from this reduced contact with call center agents, it also cuts down on the cost to collection agencies. Everyone benefits.

New debt software accepts and reports remote payments made over a secure internet connection, even when the file contains multiple consumer accounts. In addition, consumers can access their debt reports online and review statistics about the actions of their collection agency.

The new software also enables collection agencies to do a more efficient job of locating and connecting with customers via phone with predictive dialer software. This software allows collection agencies to connect with the right party every time. The software allows many different caller dialogs to be used, based on the inbound or outbound calls, and the type of information available. For instance, if a social security number is offered, the predictive dialer software can check this before the agent even gets on the call. This radically cuts down on the time that agents need to spend on debt collection calls.

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