The 3 Essential Questions You Need to Answer to Choose The Best Software in 2017

January 19, 2017

In our industry maintaining compliance brings challenges.

Consumer communication patterns continue to move to more convenient electronic channels. You need a core software platform that can develop and benefit from these types of changes assisting you in your business processes.

When you are evaluating software solutions in 2017, whether it is an audit of your current software or an evaluation of platforms you might consider, here are three questions you need to get answered.

The first question is always about people.

Yes you’re buying the technology software, but the people who will assist you on setting it up, implementing and solving your everyday problems are the employees of the technology company.

First, speak with your tech support representative, not the sales account executive. You need to understand what costs you may have moving forward and what you can configure on your own.

The second question is about the cost of use.

Many systems seem to be cost effective when you first evaluate the price, but by the end of the year, those extra costs could add up to thousands of dollars.

Beyond ARM is highly configurable with provided tools for agencies to build their system specific to their business flows and needs. Important tools available such as an ad-hoc Report Designer tool, Screen Developer, Table Builder, Data Tracking and Action Maintenance (among others) will benefit the bottom line.

The third question is how well does the software play with others.

Many systems can only integrate with their own products which limits your business strategies. DAKCS provides a tightly integrated ​solution, making it simple for customers to call one place for the data.

There is no need for expensive tech consultants or hours and hours of professional services.

Automation is the most requested feature in today’s marketplace, and DAKCS is a leader in automation capabilities. DAKCS provides automated account maintenance and work flow process without the added expense to the end user.

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DAKCS Software provides comprehensive debt collection and Accounts Receivable management software solutions to a variety of industry markets.

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