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How Long Will it Take for my Business Credit Score to Bounce Back after Settling Debts?

Businesses seldom incur major credit damage from large purchases because they properly position their finances beforehand. In addition, the contentious business consistently monitors its D&B or Experian credit file for any problems that could manifest with vendors, suppliers or others entities

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How the New FICO Score 9 Enhancements Impact Businesses

With the recent rollout of the new FICO Score 9 credit scoring system, many business owners are curious, if not anxious, to know how it will ultimately affect their ability to extend credit to customers. Let’s look at what the

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Going Cardless – Anne Rosso

More than 30 years ago, ACA members debated whether to abandon their workcards in favor of computers the 1980s, as computers became increasingly popular, credit and collection industry members heatedly debated the pros and cons of “going cardless”—abandoning their account

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