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DAKCS Software Systems, Inc: The Leader in Debt Collection Software

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. has been providing debt collection software solutions for over 30 years. Our focus has been on businesses and companies looking to manage their accounts receivable business and collection agencies.

Our business was developed by and for debt collection professionals, which allows us the opportunity to deliver an innovative, streamlined, and creative debt management software solution to our clients.

Through our broad and diverse client base, we are able to suit any business’s needs, from collection attorneys and first-party collections agencies to high-end collections companies.

When we began, we set our primary directive to addressing the similar yet varying needs of our clients. This is why we are so proud of our services portfolio, associated products, and debt collection software.

Searching for the Right Collection Software for Your Business?

DAKCS is the ideal choice for business in need of a long-term solution to debt collection. Since the early 1980’s, DAKCS has successfully remained a top-tier provider, handling any concerns or issues that may arise within the field of debt collection. Through proven technology, business concepts, industry techniques, and individual customization, we at DAKCS are dedicated to making things happen in a quick, decisive, and cost-effective manner.

The current DAKCS product portfolio includes a number of incredibly useful tools to make debt management and collection as efficient as possible. These tools include:

  • ASCENT I & II: A great small-business solution for managing accounts receivable
  • The perfect tool for medium-to-large businesses that require full functionality
  • VIC III: An advanced and innovative next-generation predictive dialer software/IVR that will keep your collections department cutting edge and effective
  • VOCALITY: The web-based, fully integrated pay-as-you-go messaging system with link-back that includes voice recording and cell phone scrubbing
  • @ Client Services: Provides 24/7 secure access to your exclusive debtor account information

DAKCS also offers an effective legal package that is ideal for many medium-to-large sized businesses. Regardless of your industry, the DAKCS team is ready to partner with you to improve your bottom line. DAKCS Software Systems: Collection Software for Peak Performance.